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Schwietzke Factory

around 1930.






Werk Schwietzke um 1930

Here lie the foundations of our strength:


Founded in 1870, the Metallwerk J. G. Schwietzke quickly established itself as a supplier for all sectors of industry.


The next step: The systematic expansion of our range of products, with a focus on machine and equipment construction as well as the chemical industry, which followed through the foundation of the Schwietzke Handelsgesellschaft mbH (1920) with branches all over Germany. In 1992, a logistics center was built in Bottrop and the company headquarters were moved there. In 1988, the company acquired CEA Chemie- und Energie-Armaturen GmbH in Ludwigshafen and built up the department for Plant and Power Plant Technology.


This path has led to our worldwide network of clients and to our major international projects. We are ready for the future – and for you.